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Christian Care - A core principal of our Mission

Recently, I spoke at a partner church on a Sunday morning. This isn’t remarkable in and of itself, as I often visit local churches to highlight Urban Mission programming and stewardship as part of our collaborative ministry. What did strike me as remarkable is the correlation between being welcomed into the Lord’s house and receiving services at our Mission.

Each month, more than 400 families turn to our Food Pantry for help putting food on the table. Dozens more reach out to Critical Support when unexpected expenses jeopardize their ability to maintain employment, utility service, transportation, health care and more.

Our Housing Assistance team helps those experiencing who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness find alternatives to stabilize housing. Those who are working toward a sober lifestyle are given strength and encouragement through our Bridge program. Individuals struggling with the complex issues of generational poverty gain strategies and camaraderie in Getting Ahead workshops and Staying Ahead events. Homebound seniors find comfort and continued independence through our volunteer-driven Meals on Wheels program.

As I consider the services and the more than 5,000 individuals impacted each year by our Mission, I am reminded of the common threads that run through the entirety of our work. We strive to treat each and every person in need with dignity and respect. We demonstrate the compassion of Christ. We exercise true Christian care.

To learn more about our Mission, I encourage you to contact me … or stop in for a tour and see the work in action. All are welcome here!

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